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Game Day: Taylors Falcons

Taylors Falcons vs. Greenville Grizzlies Scrimmage

Being a scrimmage game, it was short. Really short. When I thought it was about half time, the game was over! While it was short, there was a lot of good action! I love youth league football! These kids are just scratching the surface of the game, and some of them have some incredible talent. I can see them going a long way in the game.

As with the last two games, I still had the Sigma 120-300mm 2.8 for the weekend, so you bet your last dollar I was going to use it! ? It was a lot of fun to get in close to these plays, and see the expression on their faces as they make their move.

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Taylors Falcons vs. Greenville Grizzlies