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Everything has changed. We recognize that you and your organization now have the responsibility of trying to keep your athletes, staff and parents safe. When your organization is ready, we are prepared to adhere to your organization’s guidelines, as well as offer our safety protocols as well. Please find our safety concept below.

Safety Concept

To protect all those involved, we will implement the following special occupational safety measures during this season.


●  The measures specify and supplement the CDC considerations for schools s.html

●  The safety concept is based on recommendations from our workflow solution company/partners, and was developed in cooperation with industry experts.

General information

● Instruction of employees:​ We regularly provide our employees with comprehensive information on all prevention and occupational safety measures that have been introduced.
● Dealing with suspected cases:​ Employees with respiratory symptoms or fever are released immediately and must consult a doctor as soon as possible.
● Medical administration responsible: ​Within our staff we will assign one person to oversee practices and make sure all measures below will be followed at all times.


Cleaning of equipment:​ All equipment and company vehicles are thoroughly cleaned before each picture day.
Information for students and teachers​: We will provide you ahead of time with an information sheet detailing how picture day will take place and what teachers and students have to know in order to enjoy a safe picture day experience.
Setup of picture day:​ We require enough space at the photo shoot area in order to ensure the distance between all subjects (kids, photographer, teachers, etc.) Alternatively, we require outdoor shoots if no spaces within the school match these requirements.

Picture day and behavior on site

Safe arrival: ​We will consult with you on how we can enter the facility in such a way that is neither disruptive to the organization nor poses any risks related to distancing (e.g. via a side entrance).
Minimum distance: ​On photo day, we maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet from other people, especially children and the facility staff.
Distance during waiting period:​ We will need enough space to ensure that the waiting students/athletes maintain the 6 feet distance. We can indicate the waiting positions with floor markers in order to ensure a 6 feet distance between them.
Distance Posing:​ We will ensure that we can deliver the same quality of pictures by posing the children without breaking the 6 feet distance rule.
Protective equipment:​ ​ If distances less that 6 feet are required by our staff, they will wear a mask that covers both mouth and nose.
Alternative group photos:​ ​To ensure social distancing, we do not have to take a traditional group photo. Rather, we will create a composite group photo from the individual portraits. This may be done on green screen, or otherwise. If the organization would rather take a traditional photo, signed COVID waivers would have to be signed by each individual in the group photo.
Cleaning and hygiene:​ ​Our employees clean their hands regularly. Equipment used and any props used are regularly disinfected.


Contactless ordering:​ No paper materials (e.g. order forms or name cards) will be handed out. The photos are sold completely online.
Direct mailing of photos to parents: ​ Photos are sent directly to parents by post and do not need to be distributed in the facility.