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Game Day: WHHS Scrimmage

Wade Hampton High School Scrimmage

Ah! Fall is right around the corner, and football season is about to officially start! Can’t get much better than this! For me, stepping back on the ball field with a camera was bittersweet. I love football, especially “The Hamp”, but the feelings and memories that rush through my head come with mixed feelings… In a weird way, I feel closer to my son Josh when I’m on the field taking photos. I know he wouldn’t be playing for Wade Hampton this year, but I do know that he would be playing somewhere, and he had already talked about coming back to help WHHS this year while he was at college at NGU.

I see the eyes of the players on the field, and I feel like I can read their minds. I know Josh is in the forefront of their minds, just like mine. I smile, thinking about all those times Josh would tell me, “Dad, make sure you get pictures of number so-and-so tonight – he’s my boy. Oh, and don’t forget 21 – he’s by brother!”

After a 30 minute rain delay, there was a beautiful rainbow – a promise from God that He will never flood the entire earth again. And to me, a promise that I’ll see my son again in Heaven. Kinda made me feel even more that Josh was watching the game with us.

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WHHS Scrimmage